Phillip Goudeaux Ministries began when Pastor Phillip and First Lady Brenda K. Goudeaux started a small Bible study in their living room. Founded in 1980, Calvary Christian Center’s beginnings were humble; with only seventeen members. Now, Calvary Christian Center has multiple multi-cultural campuses building the church and making disciples who influence California and the world. 

Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux


In addition to being a world-renown pastor, teacher, author, and motivational speaker, Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux is a committed and loving husband to his wife, Dr. Brenda K. Goudeaux, and a devoted father to their three children: Kimetra Goudeaux-Ayers, Phillip Goudeaux II, and Nehemiah Goudeaux.


Raised in a turbulent environment by a single mother, Dr. Goudeaux opens the eyes of many with his acclaimed book and ministry series Where are the Fathers?, which reminds readers that Jesus Christ is a father to the fatherless. The hand of God, the father, is certainly evident in Dr. Goudeauxs’ life. The Goudeaux children and their spouses, they work and serve along with their parents Drs. Phillip & Brenda Goudeaux.

Dr. Brenda K. Goudeaux


First Lady, motivational speaker, and recording artist, Brenda K. Goudeaux, was born in Battle Creek, Michigan. She is the fifth of nine children raised by loving parents. At a young age, she accepted Jesus Christ and has remained steadfast in her dedication, love, and pursuit of God. Her mission is to encourage, build, and motivate women; bringing them into the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  In 1989, Sister Goudeaux opened the Women’s Overcomer Residential Recovery Home, a shelter and care housing program that provides a safe haven for women in recovery from drug addiction, physical and mental abuse. Shortly after, she opened the House of Ruth, a transitional living facility.

Pastor Phillip Goudeaux II 


Phillip George Goudeaux II was born in Carmichael, California in 1978. He is the second of three children born to Drs. Phillip and Brenda Goudeaux. He was raised in Northern Sacramento, where he attended Grant High School. His interest in Football brought him recognition for his sports achievements. Following his High School graduation, he enrolled in Sacramento City College. He then enrolled in Rhema Bible College, graduating in 2000. He responded to God’s call when he became the Senior Minister on staff at Calvary Christian Center under the leadership of his father, Pastor, Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux. He and wife, Naomi are Pastor and First Lady of CCC Marysville. They have four children, Miamore, Phillip III, Brendan, and Benjamin.

Nehemiah Goudeaux, Youth Pastor 


Nehemiah Goudeaux is the youngest of the Goudeaux children and serves as the Youth Pastor of Army of David.

Kimetra Goudeaux – Ayers​, Administrator


The first born of the Goudeaux children, Kimetra grew up in Sacramento and attended Grant High School before earning a degree in business. She now serves as Administrator of Calvary Christian Center. She is the wife of Marlon Ayers and is the mother of twin sons, Marlon Jr. and Markem.